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CoD Downs Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, and High Council

by Milric, 7 days ago

A team went in on Thursday and downed heroic Hellfire Assault.  Unfortunately, lag became a serious problem and further exploration was abandoned.

The team went in on Monday and downed Iron Reaver.  It's a hard fight that seems to be mostly about avoiding damage.

The team then went on to one shot the High Council.  Blizzard has horribly mistuned the first several fights in heroic HFC with the first two being extremely difficult and the next two being trivially easy.

Update: Looks like the Iron Reaver and High Council kills were server first.  Salvation (a Horde guild) killed them a couple of hours after us.  They then went on to kill the next three bosses - congratulations to them!

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