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re: Leaving CoD on Tadakatsu



Well, I wanted to say this to everyone, but,there were only 4 people on when I made the decision.
So, yes, I'm leaving with my warrior Council of Dragons. (But, I'm leaving my other toons in there, if there's no issue, of course). I'm looking for more progression and more fun on the game and, so far, I've struggled with that the past months. I've had some issues with some people, because of what I've said, the way I play, the things I do (or don't) and people get tired of me because I complain too much, but, mostly what I wanted is something good for the guild and the raid nights, yet my opinion was never taken seriously.

I'm still going to be on the server, I'm the same person -and like I said- my alts will stay in the guild, if there's no issue with that. And, should you ever require help, a tank, dps or a healer, just whisper me, I'll happily help you :) 

It's really hard for me to leave on my warrior so, please, don't whisper me stuff trying to make me feel bad about my decision, saying I'm being selfish or "thanks for ruining our raid group, fuck off", someone already did, and it's not cool, it does hurt.

Best wishes! :)  I'll see you around! mostly, everyday, like always.

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