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PostPosted: 2016/09/17 10:37 pm    Post subject:

Gronncho wrote:

I haven't used this site or raided with you guys in a couple years, do I need to sign up somewhere for the raids?


Not anymore.  Normal mode raids use a a flexible size mechanism now so we do not need to have some exact number like 10 or 25.

PostPosted: 2016/09/17 3:00 pm    Post subject:

I haven't used this site or raided with you guys in a couple years, do I need to sign up somewhere for the raids?

PostPosted: 2016/09/17 8:10 am    Post subject: Legion Raid Starting Up

It's that time!

The first raid tier opens on Tuesday.  Originally I was not going to try an open run this week, but I changed my mind.  If we have the folks for it we can give normal mode a try on Tuesday at 8pm ET.  If you are interested, please show up prepared, with food, potions, having watched the videos, etc.  If we have more people who want to perform a role than we can accommodate (tanking for instance) then people may have to perform other roles.

We will give our first progression raid a try on Thursday at the normal raid time, 8pm ET.  As that attempt will be heroic mode, people will need to be geared; I suggest around 840-ish.  Looking at the roster, I am concerned about healers.  So, if you are a geared healer with progression interest, you likely have a spot.

As with all tiers, we would like to eventually move to Mythic.  Mythic requires exactly 20 people.  We had trouble filling that last expansion.  I would like to have a pool of 25 or so regular progression raiders.  Most CoD members are adults, with lives and spouses and what not.  So, it takes about 25 people in the pool to have 20 people available on any given day.  That said, that does mean that if more than 20 show up, some will have to sit out.  But that should not be a problem for us for a couple of months as Heroic mode will allow up to 30.

Hope to see folks on Tuesday.

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