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PostPosted: 2015/08/03 5:48 pm    Post subject:


Welcome there.  During the last tier our Mythic Twin Ogron kill was, literally, the next one in the world after you guys; 8163 to your 8162.  So it was funny to be neck and neck the other way round on Iron Reaver; 8372 to your 8373.  It would be great to have a few more raiding guilds on the server.  But we have been at it for almost 8 years on SoE, and we have not had very many since BC.  Oh well.

Best of luck moving forward!



PostPosted: 2015/07/30 9:18 pm    Post subject:

Hey there guys, GM of Salvation here. Nice to know we have some decent competition in each other here. I'm super stoked to see our server lifted from last place out of all US servers! Just gotta say the Iron Reaver kill was 8mins after you guys and the Hellfire Council was 2mins after, not hours! :p Your raid nights start and end earlier than ours do so you definitely have that leg up on us. Congratulations, keep up the good job and good luck going forward in heroic!

PostPosted: 2015/07/28 9:40 am    Post subject:

Also, it seems our combined horde and alliance efforts have lifted our server out of the last place spot its been clinging onto since the patch. Yay!
PostPosted: 2015/07/27 9:53 pm    Post subject: CoD Downs Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, and High Council

A team went in on Thursday and downed heroic Hellfire Assault.  Unfortunately, lag became a serious problem and further exploration was abandoned.

The team went in on Monday and downed Iron Reaver.  It's a hard fight that seems to be mostly about avoiding damage.

The team then went on to one shot the High Council.  Blizzard has horribly mistuned the first several fights in heroic HFC with the first two being extremely difficult and the next two being trivially easy.

Update: Looks like the Iron Reaver and High Council kills were server first.  Salvation (a Horde guild) killed them a couple of hours after us.  They then went on to kill the next three bosses - congratulations to them!

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