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About Council of Dragons

Welcome to the Council of Dragons' Home on the Web

We are a casual raiding guild aligned with the Alliance on the Sisters of Elune server. We try to provide a raid friendly environment for 'mature, friendly, polite' gamers.

From time to time, people tell us that casual raiding guilds do not work. We understand the sentiment there. Many guilds have difficulty finding a balance between casual policies that encourage a relaxed, stress-free environment and hard core policies that enable successful, high-end raiding. Should a guild veer too far one way, they become a friendly, relaxed guild that never manages to see much content. Should they veer too far the other way they become a raiding powerhouse filled with draconian rules and stressed-out gamers.

Nevertheless, CoD has provided the casual raiding experience since September, 2007. Here are some of the key features of the guild that foster that environment:

  • Mature, friendly, polite members - It's our mantra. We are a guild of mostly adults, and we expect everyone to act like an adult. We look for people that use words like please and thank you.

  • Everyone who is ready to raid gets to raid, every week - It's our principle of inclusion. If a member is willing to put forth a farily small amount of personal effort, we will get them into a raid, every week.

  • Real Life comes first here - It's our principle of participation. As adults, most CoD members have jobs, spouses, children, bills to pay, and interests outside of WoW. We do not have any policies that mandate any level of participation.

  • Sophisticated Loot Policy - It's one of our 'pride and joys.' We worked a long time to create a loot policy that, at once, rewards participation without locking out those that did not raid often.

  • Raiding Success - It's another of our 'pride and joys.' We down a lot of raiding content. In fact, we are one of the most successful raiding guilds in the Alliance on Sisters of Elune; and we do it without any angry yelling.

  • Council Leadership Model - It's our principle of no single person makes the rules. CoD does not have a guild leader. We have a council of seven equal rank officers, each with their own perspective. The officers discuss all policies and directions for the guild. This type of governance requires more effort and time. But we feel it is time and effort well spent. Members know that when the officers adopt a policy, that policy reflects the diverse values and perspectives of all the officers. Put another way, members never have to worry that the GM will go crazy with power.

A lot goes in to creating and maintaining a successful casual raiding environment. We try to document our policies. That way, members know what to expect in common situations. Most of that documentation can be found in our Forums or in the Raiding Info section.

Interested In Joining Council of Dragons?

Council of Dragons is not recruiting at this time. If you want some information about CoD, but cannot find it on this website, please leave a message in our Recruitment Forum.

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