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Raiding Information

Raiding Information

This section contains information on various aspects of raiding with the Council of Dragons.

Use the Section Links box on the far left to navigate to the individual pages (sample image below for reference.)

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Item Description
Raiding Procedures This page gives brief guidleines for how CoD runs its raids; how potential raiders register for a raid, what raiders can expect and what will be expected of them.
CoD Loot System This page describes how the guild distributes raid loot. 
Raid Boss Tutorials This page provides links to strategies and videos for various raid bosses.  While there may be many applicable strategies for any given boss, the information linked on this page will typically describe the way that CoD handles the encounter.
Required Raiding Tools This page lists and provides links to the various tools and addons that a raider needs to have to raid with CoD.  Further, if a specific instance or boss requires special addons or gear, that will also be listed.

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